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Bonus Point Program

From September 01, 2021 to September 30, 2021, Mmimmu will update its points system. After the upgrade, points across all Mmimmu sites are no longer interchangeable. All points received from the current site can only be used on the current site. Points received from before can still be used across all Mmimmu sites. On the point history page, the points balance shown is the amount of points you can use on the current site. 



About receiving Mmimmu points

About the usage of Mmimmu points

About viewing Mmimmu points

About the valid period of Mmimmu points

About the daily limit of Mmimmu points

About returning Mmimmu points Menu:

About receiving Mmimmu points


Confirm your registration

You may verify your email on your profile page to receive 200 points.

Buy and Save

You’ll earn 10 point for every dollar spent on your purchase .

Points will be credited to your account once you confirm payment of your order.

Log into your Mmimmu account.

Click on "My Cart"

Select orders you have received and click on "Confirm Payment"

Review our products

Points can be earned by posting comments and reviews on purchased items. After meeting the minumum of text product comments, you will receive 10 points.

Post a Comment

Post a Comment with Pictures

Post a Comment with Vedio




Log into your Mmimmu account

Click on "My Orders"

Go to "View Details" of the order containing the item you want to review

Then click "Write a Review" and upload a photo if you wish

Submit your reviews for verification


  • Your review will appear on product page after it has been verified by our staff.
  • You can share your review on Facebook once it is submitted.

Please note that you can receive a maximum of 2000 points through comments daily.

Participate in activities

Daily check-in
1. Every day that you check-in consecutively will earn you additional points.
2. A consecutive streak lasts up to 7 days. On the eighth day, the cycle will restart and will count as your first check-in of the cycle. But beware, if you miss a day within your 7-day cycle, it will start you back at one.

Join in the Video contests in Youtube
1. At the end of the contest, the top 12 of the leaderboard (who win the most comments and thumb-ups) will receive points rewards
2. Additional points can be won if your Video is chosen as an Editor's Pick or Editor’s Fave.

Note:Mmimmu put your video in offcial zone,and also you can put it in your own Youtube.

Participate in daily marketing activities
Participate in the points-related activities held by Mmimmu within the specified time limit, and receive the corresponding points rewards according to the activity rules.


About the usage of Mmimmu points

Every 100 points = $1. You can use the points to deduct up to 70% of the total amount of products when you place your order (only the total price of products is supported, excluding postage, insurance and taxes). Points will be used based on how soon they expire. To learn more about points and their usage, please click here .

You can use points through participating in other Mmimmu events, such as lucky draw or purchasing discount coupons etc.

About viewing Mmimmu points

Please click on "Rewards" box, log into your Mmimmu account and view the balance in your personal account.You can only view the current site's points balance on current site.

About the valid period of Mmimmu points

Based on categories, Mmimmu POINTS have different expiration dates. Expiration dates range from 7 days to 3 months, some may even have a longer expiration date. If your points expired before being used, they will be deleted from your account.

About the daily limit of Mmimmu points

For every user, there is a maximum amount of points they can receive daily. When users reaches the maximum amount of points they can receive daily, they can still participate in events and games, but they cannot receive any more points. 

  1. Every user can receive maximum 20000 Mmimmu points daily;
  2. Every user can receive maximum 2000 Mmimmu points daily from comments;
  3. Every user can receive maximum 100 Mmimmu points daily from checking in;
  4. Every user can receive maximum 500 Mmimmu points daily from events;
  5. Every user can receive maximum 200 Mmimmu points daily from surveys;

About returning Mmimmu points

  1. If an unpaid order is cancelled, the points applied to the original order will be immediately returned to your points account.
  2. If you request a return, the points for returned item will reverted to your account along with your refund.If it's a partial return, points will be returned based on a percentage of the product's price.
  3. If the cancellation order/refund occurs outside the validity period of the points, expired points will not be refunded, and the user can view the records in the point details.
  4. If the return occurs after you have confirmed receipt, points from the original order will be returned to your points account. Points received from placing an order will be deducted, they will start being deducted from points that are expiring. If your points account does not have enough balance, points will be deducted until it reaches 0.