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New Bluetooth Speaker/Array Type And Any Combination of Mini/Portable/Stereo Surround/Array

by mmimmu
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Color: High carbon black

Product patented technical featsure

1.Patented array combination fast interface design / P.P (pogo pin) magnetic interface (audio, power, control signal)
2.Patented mini suspension combination design
3.point source / (two) wireless stereo / (multiple) cylindrical array combination / (multiple) hanging array combination
4.Professional performance / recording level DSP sound field setting options / to meet your more environment / sound field / different superimposed combinations-listening needs
5.Near field acoustics technology is close to your hearing/creating your imagination
6.Multiple audio source input design (single input/mixed input) / Bluetooth, AUX (3.5 audio port), TF card, P.P interface
7.Multiple audio source output design (single output/mixed output) / AUX (3.5 audio port), P.P interface